Sep 06 2010

Our New Sectional Couch

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After 100 days of being married we decided it was time to buy our first couch together. Kristina really had her heart set on a sectional. After looking at a couple of big furniture chains we came away uninspired. Everything we found was boring and didn’t fit our idea of the right sectional sofa. On Saturday we decided to go look at Belfort Furniture out by the Dulles airport in Sterling, Virginia.

Belfort is like Disney World for furniture. They have four different showrooms with all kinds of different styles and options. We were browsing their clearance section when we spotted this modern, tan, two-piece sectional.

The fabric is microfiber, which is easy to clean as well as comfortable against the skin. Most of the other microfiber furniture had a suede texture but this piece had a kind-of tweed texture to it. This stood out to us as it made the couch look a little more sophisticated. Plus suede can look weird on large furniture because it looks lighter or darker depending on how it is rubbed.

The cushions also felt better than the other sofas we tried. Our couch strikes the delicate balance of being firm yet comfy The cushions on another sectional that we looked at felt weak and we were worried they would become too mushy/clumpy after a couple of years of use.

We also got a giant ottoman to stretch out and rest our feet on. I like this better than a hard coffee table.

We got our three pieces of furniture to our place in Alexandria thanks to my dad and his pick-up truck. We had to tie the smaller section to the roof and put the ottoman in the back of the crew cab but we got everything home in one trip. We’re really happy with our furniture purchase and look forward to lounging out on it (just like I’m doing now writing this post) for years to come.

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Jul 21 2010

Professional Wedding Photos Are In!

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Our pictures from JPG Photography have finally arrived! The past couple of days we have poured over the 571 shots from our wedding. They are all so beautiful. We’re really happy with how they came out. The professionals at JPG Photography went above and beyond to capture our special day.

Below is a sampling of pictures but the full set can be viewed on Flickr or Facebook. If you want to order a copy of any of the photos for yourself, our photographer has set-up a site where you can do that.

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Jun 28 2010

Random Images From The Past Month

I’ve had a bunch of photos on my phone that I haven’t gotten around to posting until now.

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Jun 09 2010

Bedroom Planning

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Kristina is planning which furniture will go where in our new bedroom at our place in Virginia. We’ll start moving in this weekend.

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May 29 2010

Wedding Family Barbeque

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Tonight, the night before the wedding, we held a barbeque for family, friends, and out of towners. We feasted on a roasted pig from Kloby’s BBQ, right down the street from my parents house. Kristina’s side of the family also brought along other delicious dishes including steak and lots of deserts, potluck style.

Kristina and I both were so happy to just hang out and have a blast with our friends and family before the big day. The gathering wasn’t just a place for everyone to mingle, it was also a good practice run to make sure I could stream the wedding live. It looks like everything worked just fine. In case you missed it, embedded below is the entire 3+ hour live stream that I recorded from the BBQ (check out the 2:52:00 mark!)

If you want to tune in to the live stream of the ceremony, just head to our homepage around 5pm, May 29th.

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