Apr 19 2009

Wedding Date and Location Confirmed

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Our Wedding Date is set for May 29th, 2010, at The Strathmore Music Center in Rockville, MD

I wanted to make it “blog official” and tell everyone that we have set a wedding date and found the perfect place.  I went with my parents back in January to sign the contracts but forgot to update it on our blog.  Back in January, we had our fair share of hard times in securing the place on the right date, but when we finally did it turned out to be great.  We originally were thinking March, but now the wedding is in late May. The weather will be beautiful and the flowers will be blooming as well as the trees will be green for an outdoor ceremony.  Also May 29th is Memorial Day weekend, which I think is a good thing. We will have a lot of people from out of town coming in and this way they can make the wedding weekend into a long weekend.  We will just have to inform everyone early (by word of mouth, this blog, save-the-dates and invitations) so plans don’t collide.

Some of the “pros” of having our wedding at the Strathmore Music Center:

We think Strathmore Music Center is so beautiful inside and out. We know this place will provide gorgeous backdrops to our photos and decor.  Below are some stunning photos of the Center which don’t give it half the credit of seeing it in person!  With all the visits I have taken to the Strathmore Music Center I have not seen it laid out for a wedding yet with tables and a dance floor. We asked the Catering Director when the next wedding is taking place and if we could drop by for a couple of minutes before the wedding to check it out. He said yes and we going to visit it on May 23rd of this year!  Which is perfect because it will be within the same time frame as our wedding next year.  It will give us an idea of the weather, the timing of the sunset for pictures, when to start the wedding, and especially the look of the foliage around the Strathmore Music Center.

Strathmore Music Center

Strathmore Music Center

Sculpture Patio (For Cocktail Hour)

Sculpture Patio (For Cocktail Hour)

Covered Walkway from Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro station

Covered Sky Bridge from Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro station

Gazebo infront of Strathmore Mansion

Gazebo in front of The Strathmore Mansion

The Reception Space with a gorgeous built-in Bar

The Reception Space with a gorgeous built-in Bar

View from opposite side of Reception Space

View from opposite side of Reception Space

3 Responses

  1. Hi,
    I came across your blog when I was googling “wedding at the Strathmore.” I am also planning a May 2010 wedding and was considering the Mansion at Strathmore to be my venue. If you don’t mind me asking, may I know how much your booking for the reception was? (Are they open to negotiations?) And are you doing open bar as well? I am thinking about having 150 guests but haven’t really started budgeting yet. I am hoping to get some idea….thanks!

  2. Tamika Tyree 2:16 am June 5, 2009

    OMG….I thought I was the only person who would goolge “Wedding at the Strathmore” and actually I googled “Photos of Weddings at the…”! Well anyway Congrats and I too am planning a wedding for fall 2010. I wanted somehting different and I didnt want to do it in May bc there is my bday and of course Mothers’ Day….I’m going to be very special bc my bday falls on Mothers’ Day every five yrs or so..And beside I will be graduating too. It will just be too much going on.

    Actually my good friend had his Jazz concert at the mansion and I loved it on June 3. I too was thinkning of the Mansion bc it will bring more of a intimate setting for our guest. Right now idk bc he is in Afghan until Oct or Nov so I really would like to get some input from him. I think we will probably visit when he comes hm at the end of June…..The Strathmore is a done deal and it is a perfect place…I can not wait. We are taking our pix in July. We have been dating since I was 14 and he was 17…ten years in the making…finally!!!

    You all are the Best and I wish you all the best with planning. I love your blog..what a great idea!

    If you dont mind I would like to get some ideas and so on far as the planning at the Strathmore. Also, are you going to have to go outside their venue far as particular linen colors, decor/china, chairs and florist?

    Tamika Tyree