May 29 2010

Wedding Family Barbeque

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Tonight, the night before the wedding, we held a barbeque for family, friends, and out of towners. We feasted on a roasted pig from Kloby’s BBQ, right down the street from my parents house. Kristina’s side of the family also brought along other delicious dishes including steak and lots of deserts, potluck style.

Kristina and I both were so happy to just hang out and have a blast with our friends and family before the big day. The gathering wasn’t just a place for everyone to mingle, it was also a good practice run to make sure I could stream the wedding live. It looks like everything worked just fine. In case you missed it, embedded below is the entire 3+ hour live stream that I recorded from the BBQ (check out the 2:52:00 mark!)

If you want to tune in to the live stream of the ceremony, just head to our homepage around 5pm, May 29th.

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