Aug 18 2009

Lions, Tigers, and a Baby at the DC Zoo

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We met up with friends and their toddler at the DC Zoo last Sunday. The sun was out as well as the animals which allowed me to get some great shots.

Kristina and Russell sitting in the DC zoo sign
We had to take the tourist shot of sitting in the zoo sign.

Ella tipping her hat in her stroller
Baby Ella enjoyed posing for pictures in her stroller with her favorite hat.

Andrew and Ella walking at the DC Zoo
She also brings a spare when walking around.

Ella holding a hat in black and white

Lioness at the DC Zoo
This lioness was out from her den to see all the people gawking at her.

Tiger walking along water at the DC Zoo
I never realized tigers have such beady eyes which makes them look like they are always staring.

Elephant playing with a ball in the water at the DC Zoo
This baby elephant took a dip in the pool to play with the giant floating ball. At one point it jumped on top of the ball turning it into a floating device.

Baby monkey playing with hand
Kristina captured some moments in the ape house. This little guy was playing with his mother.

And this orangutan wanted everyone to see his teeth.

Ella and Russell wearing hats
The Clarke’s blogged about their day at the zoo as well as put up a photo gallery.

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