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  1. Melissa Litvak (nee Misch) 5:28 pm May 29, 2010

    I cannot believe I am watching your wedding, or A wedding LIVE on the web. You guys rock!!!

    Might I add, it was beautiful! Best of luck to you both 🙂

  2. Uncle Tony & Auntie Jo Mariano 5:58 pm May 29, 2010

    It was wonderful to have shared in your special day. It is 7:00 am here in Guam on Sunday, May 30th. The beutiful blue skies were a nice backdrop to your ceremony. God Bless you both and I just wish we were there to hug you.
    W/Love, Uncle Tony & Auntie Jo

  3. John, Cheryl and girls 6:06 pm May 29, 2010

    Just wanted to drop a quick “CONGRATULATIONS!!!” from all of us here in Guam. We watched it at my parents’ house (Auntie Nang and Uncle Larry). Auntie Lou watched it from her’s.

    The ceremony was wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing it with those of us who could not be there.

    Celebrate and enjoy the rest of your WONDERFUL DAY!

    Love from all of us.

  4. The Mariano-Perez Family 7:30 pm May 29, 2010

    Tina & Rus – Congrats! Cheers to a life full of love, challenges and happiness. Sorry we missed it!

    Isa, Christy & Brats!

  5. Uncle Raymond & Auntie Lil Mariano 7:39 pm May 29, 2010

    Here’s wishing you congratulations and best wishes on this, your special day. For some reason, we were not able to watch your wedding live (goes to show what a klutz I am when it comes to computers…aside from the home page which had two blank frames where I assume there were supposed to be photos or the video itself, I was drawing blanks). At any rate, our thoughts and love are and will be with you always. Take care of each other. Love and kisses, Uncle Raymond, Auntie Lil (and J. R. too!)

  6. Col. Salvador J. Avilla 7:56 pm May 30, 2010

    Hafa dai Russell and Kristina,

    It is Uncle Sal from Magaville, somewhere in the Marianas. I was not able to watch the video, I had to be church by 7:00 a.m. that day of the premier. I will search your website to try and find it to view .
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the blessings of new journey in your lives as husband and wife.
    I won’t be able to see you in June. I canceled out of the trip to the University of Maryland .I want to be home with my mom. Take care of your folks and love them all the more as you begin a life they chose so many years ago.
    Enjoy your honeymoon!!!
    Again, Congratulations!!!!! we are so proud and happy for the both of you and your parents, as well.
    With our love, Uncle Sal, Auntie lyn, SalvyJ,Shanei and Shy’ei

    Sir Knight, Salvador J. Avilla, 4th degree


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