Nov 30 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

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The 4-year tradition of spending Thanksgiving at my parent’s house lives on. Every year Russell, his parents and other family members come over and spend thanksgiving at my parent’s house. My mom doesn’t mind as she loves to cook and I help her out as much as I can. Russell helps by eating!

Mr. Naude cooking vegetables out on the grill.

My dad is finishing up bbq-ing some vegetables.

Overhead view of all the Thanksgiving grub.

Russell and his mom were the first to dig in.  We enjoyed turkey, spare ribs, marinated bison, egg rolls, cole slaw, corn bread, homemade corn tortillas, potato salad, veggies and cranberry sauce. Yum!

A box full of leftovers.

And everyone got their fare share of leftovers to take home and enjoy for the following week. It was a great Thanksgiving and I can’t wait until next year.

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